Top 5 Reasons to Buy an SUV

So it’s time to buy a new car and you don’t know which way to go. Is a small sedan the right way, or maybe a minivan? Depending on your needs and desires, there are a lot of great reasons to put an SUV on your list as well, and here we’ll explore a few of them. If you find yourself anywhere on this list and want to go with a high-performance luxury SUV, then make then come by Land Rover Princeton, your Bridgewater area Land Rover dealer in Princeton, NJ.

1. Hauling More People

SUVs are designed with large family needs in mind. Fit all of your family into a variety of different SUVs, including the Land Rover Discovery with a seating capacity of seven and an abundance of cargo space in back.

2. Handling in Inclement Weather

SUVs have been built to handle difficult driving conditions easier. So if its raining, icy, snowy, or muddy, you can count on getting better traction and stability in an SUV than you would in a smaller vehicle. That’s due to the structure of SUVs and the fact that they’re often equipped with four-wheel drive (4WD) or all-wheel drive (AWD). Many Land Rover SUVs even come with full-time 4WD.

3. Enjoying Power and Utility

Most SUVs are built are equipped with capable engine options and available towing packages that let you carry a trailer, boat, and other large items behind you. The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is offered with a supercharged V8 that makes 550 hp, while the Land Rover Range Rover is capable of towing up to 7,716 pounds when properly equipped.

4. Adventuring Off-Roading

When you want to head off-road with confidence, an SUV is practically mandatory. And when you choose a Land Rover SUV, you’ll have access to a pair of Terrain Response® systems, as well as All-Terrain Progress Control.

5. Getting Good Gas Mileage

It may break with conventional wisdom, but there are actually a number of SUVs out there that are able to get quite good gas mileage, The Land Rover Discovery Sport, for example, can get up to an EPA-estimated 28 mpg highway and 22 mpg city.

Buy a New Luxury SUV from Land Rover Princeton

There are SUVs, and then there are world-class, high-performance luxury SUVs. At Land Rover Princeton, we specialize in the latter. Stop by our dealership near Flemington to test drive a new Land Rover SUV, and apply for financing to secure a loan today, or learn more about options like guaranteed car financing. Our dealership is located just 30 minutes southeast of Flemington, and we offer premium Land Rover service as well as some of the best SUV deals. You may also contact us at 844-339-6524 if you have any questions!


Top 5 Reasons to Buy an SUV - Land Rover Princeton

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