What Should I do if my Car Gets Flooded?

What should I do if my car gets flooded?

When Hurricane Ida pounded New Jersey last week, thousands of vehicles were impacted. Flooding, whether caused by hurricanes and severe storms, is the most common natural disaster in America, according to Census.gov. And while you may have successfully forged rising flood waters, it doesn’t mean that your vehicle is out of the woods. If floodwaters partially or fully submerge your car, it can mean extensive damage and costly repairs. Here’s what to do after the waters recede.

Can a Car be Fixed after Being Flooded?

While in many cases you CAN get your vehicle fixed after flooding, it is a matter of how much does it cost to fix a flood-damaged car compared to its insurance value. So before you start guessing if its worth fixing a flooded car, assess the extent of the damage to your car.

  • Check out the Damage – Survey the car’s potential damage and note how high the water rose in your car. This will vary vehicle to vehicle. How high does water have to be to flood a car, truck or SUV, depends on your vehicle’s ground clearance. Trucks and SUVs general have higher ground clearance (the measured height from the ground to the bottom edge of the vehicles undercarriage) and can forge water a sedan traditionally can’t.
  • Document & Photograph – Take plenty of pictures and/or video of the inside and outside of the vehicle. Cover every angle of the flooded car. If you are planning on requesting a water damage car insurance claim, you should document the evidence as soon as possible.
  • Open an Insurance Claim – Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible. Since you can claim water damage on car insurance, IF you have comprehensive coverage, an adjuster would need to inspect the vehicle before approving flooded car repair costs. If you aren’t sure if your vehicle is covered or not, you should still open a claim with your insurance company. And submit early! In the event of a large natural disaster, it is likely many others will be submitting their claims as well so get in before the rest.
  • Dry Out Your Car – If you drove through high waters and your vehicle is still running, allow it to dry out. It is hard to tell if you got water in your engine or if you have water damage to car electrical system. Driving it with residual water in the engine or a faulty electrical system can cause even more damage. Then bring your car to a Flemington Car & Truck Country authorized Service Center for a full evaluation of potential damage.
  • Call a Professional – If your vehicle became submerged and the engine stopped, DO NOT TRY TO RESTART YOUR CAR. Excess water can cause a variety of issues, including the engine, electrical systems, fuel line and filters. Instead, contact a towing service to get your vehicle towed to one of our Flemington Car & Truck Country Dealership Service Centers for evaluation.
  • Schedule an Appointment – Contact one of our Flemington Car & Truck Country Service Centers so a certified technician can assess the damage to all the mechanical components, including the engine, transmission, axles, brake and fuel system for water contamination. And in some instances, water exposure will not surface earlier than 90 days, when computer and other electrical components begin to corrode.

How hard is it to fix a flood damaged car?

Because water damage is not always visible to the untrained eye, it is important for a factory trained mechanic to inspect the vehicle as soon as possible. The technician will most likely begin by looking for the most immediate signs of engine damage. This will likely be found in the engine oil and transmission fluid. By just checking the fluids with a dipstick you can see if there has been exposure. Water will make the transmission fluid look milky in consistency. Water in the oil pan will also dilute the engine oil as well.

If the vehicle was exposed to salt or muddy water, the corrosion from either can cause rust inside components that will lead to further repair issues. Engines and electronics are not designed to handle these conditions, and the car will corrode and fail. That’s an expensive proposition to remedy, and thus, the insurance company will often total a flood-damaged car. That’s why it is best take the vehicle to an authorized dealership for evaluation.

Once the extent of your vehicle’s flood damage is determined, your insurance company will weigh the costs to repair the vehicle against the cost of replacing it. If your car is totaled (considered a total loss) by the insurance company, be sure to review what that means with your insurance agent.

Whether your vehicle can be repaired after experiencing a flooding event, or deemed a loss by your insurance company, our team is here to help. Contact any of our Flemington Car and Truck Country Family of Brands serving NJ, PA and NY to repair your vehicle or find a replacement.

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Where to Off-Road Near Princeton, NJ

It can be hard for enthusiasts to find good places to take their Land Rovers off-roading in New Jersey due to strict traffic laws. Explore our guide to off-roading in NJ and then explore the Land Rover reviews of off-road-ready SUVs like the new Discovery around Flemington and Princeton!

To the North

  • Jenny Jump State Forest: About an hour outside Bridgewater, this forest runs along the Jenny Jump Mountain Range so you can experience breathtaking views in your Land Rover.
  • Worthington State Forest: Just 19 miles from Jenny Jump State Forest, you can take your SUV across this rugged terrain for a fun and bumpy ride.

To the South

  • Wharton State Forest: This massive state park has miles of unpaved roadways for you to explore with your Land Rover Discovery off road, but be sure to stay on the marked trails in order to stay out of trouble with the rangers!
  • Island Beach State Park: To drive on the shores at Island Beach State Park, you can purchase three-day driving permits or an annual permit, but you are required to carry specific safety equipment with you, such as:
    • Fire extinguisher
    • First aid kit
    • Spare tire
    • Tide chart

These permits are offered through the New Jersey Beach Buggy Association, which you can read more about in the next section and visit their website to see the full list of required equipment.

For off road enthusiasts who are willing to go a little further for adventure, Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Pine Grove Pennsylvania has 3,000 acres of trails. With a two-vehicle minimum, this place would make for a well-worth it day trip with Flemington friends.

Membership Clubs

One way to get more access to the best off-roading trails for your Land Rover is to become a member of a private club or association. These organizations will typically have annual membership fees:

  • Northeast Offroad Vehicle Association (or NOVA): This group that focuses on land acquisition through donations and fundraisers like NOVA Trailfest, and encourages connecting public and private organizations, clubs, and landowners for more legal off-roading opportunities.
  • New Jersey Beach Buggy Association: This largely volunteer organization promotes and facilitates beach driving, as well as other beach activities like bird watching, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, and are involved in beach conservation projects like dune restoration, planting dune grasses, and installing protective fences around wildlife so that New Jersey’s beaches will be available for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.

Learn More About Off-Roading in NJ at Land Rover Princeton

A great off-roading SUV is more accessible than ever at Land Rover Princeton–take a look at our Land Rover price guide and explore Land Rover vs. Jeep performance features! And before you embark on your journey, check out our off-roading tips and make sure your Land Rover is in prime condition!

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Historic Sites in Princeton

hoto Credit: http://www.drumthwacket.org/

Looking for things to do in Princeton? Why not take a tour of the past? This town is home to some fascinating historic sites that bring the early days of America to life. And not only are these sites educational and informative – they are typically free to visit. Load up the kids or your out of town guests and head to one of these historic sites and museums in Princeton.

Where to Visit

  • Drumthwacket – The official governor’s mansion is not just significant to New Jersey history; it’s significant to the entire history of the Northeast. The mansion is stunning from the outside, and group tours are available by appointment. Any trip around town should at least include its most famous residence.
  • Morven Museum and Garden – Just a short walk from downtown Princeton is one of the area’s leading museums. It is housed in a historic home and features masterpieces from the Princeton University art collection as well as stunning grounds and gardens. Even if you just choose to stroll around the outside on a nice day, this destination near Flemington offers plenty to enjoy.
  • Princeton Cemetery – This historic cemetery houses the graves of some of the town’s most famous residents, including graves that date back to 1760. The most notable is probably President Grover Cleveland, but there are unexpected discoveries thought the cemetery. This is a great spot close to Bridgewater to visit on a sunny afternoon.
  • Rockingham – Princeton played a central role in the founding of the United States. George Washington used Rockingham as his final base of operations during the Revolutionary War, and today it features artifacts from the war as well as recreations of domestic life in Colonial America.
  • Updike Farmstead – Of all the historic sites in Princeton, this is the one that will attract the most history buffs. It is home to the Historical Society of Princeton and contains much of the Society’s collection, as well as recreations of farm life in the late 18th century. Visiting this site truly feels like going back in time.

New Jersey is Full of Sights, Sounds, and History

If you would like to get out of town, there are also some great road trips near Princeton that highlight the charm and natural wonders that are unique to the state. Looking for something a little spookier? There are also plenty of haunted places in the city. And if you would like to learn more about local and regional activities, contact Land Rover Princeton, a leading local business for more than 20 years.

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Enjoy Minor League Baseball with the Somerset Patriots

Whether it’s with your friends, the whole family, or a first date, there’s nothing that builds memories like enjoying America’s pastime together with your favorite people. Major league games are fun and all, but when you don’t want to drive into the city and pay big ticket prices, the Somerset Patriots minor league team brings incredibly entertaining baseball and refreshments for a fraction of the price. Take the drive from Princeton or Flemington to check them out in Bridgewater, NJ.

Make it to a Game

Come to TD Ballpark at 1 Patriots Park in New Brunswick, NJ to check out the Somerset Patriots in action. There are a number of different ways you can enjoy the Patriots throughout the summer. Choose a package that works for you:

  • Single game tickets – Get a single game ticket for one, including $9 for general admission, $11 for upper box seats, $12 for field box seats, and $14 for premium field box seats.
  • Group tickets – Got a group party? Enjoy discounted upper box and field box tickets and take advantage of a variety of
  • Season Tickets – If you love the Patriots and the affordable memories they bring you and your friends and family, then consider getting our full season, half season, or flex ticket packages.

This Summer’s Big Activities

In addition to eating hotdogs, having a drink, and watching balls fly out of the park, there are also a number of other fun incentives throughout the summer to make Patriots games even more fun for the whole family. Check out the team news calendar for upcoming events, and make a night of it that none of you will forget.

The Somerset Patriots’ Connection to Land Rover Princeton

The owner of Land Rover Princeton is Josh Kafaler, and he’s also the Vice Chairman of the Somerset Patriots. So, as you might guess, our friendly staff is pretty into following the Patriots over here. Stop by and chat with our staff about the Patriots relief pitching, or check our our impressive selection of new Land Rover SUVs. We offer competitive financing and professional auto services at 958 Route 206 in Princeton, NJ, and you can contact us at 844-339-6524.

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Top Road Trips Near Princeton, NJ

Whether you’re the proud owner of a new Land Rover vehicle or just someone looking to get out of town for a while, the team at Land Rover Princeton is happy to bring you a list of some of the top road trips near Princeton, NJ. Whether you’re in Flemington, Bridgewater, or another nearby town, all of these scenic rides are a great way to get up and enjoy yourself this summer. Take a look at some of our favorite suggestions!

The Drive to Trenton

The short drive from Princeton to Trenton is one of the most historically rich in the entire region. Sometimes you forget to explore what’s right in your own backyard when you’re in a rush to find an exciting summer adventure. Check out the only remaining barracks in the state of New Jersey by visiting Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, and finish it all off at the Trenton state house. Stop at the Grounds for Sculpture park in Trenton as well!

Wharton State Forest

If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle, take the trip into the woods just one hours south of Princeton via US-206 South to Wharton State Forest. This family friendly state forest has all the outdoor recreation you could want, as well as miles of scenic roads to explore by car. This option provides the perfect mix of driving and exploring on foot.

Delaware Water Gap

Take the drive up US-206 North and I-80 West to get to Worthington State Forest, where you’ll start your scenic drive along the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This scenic drive will take you for 50 miles of stunning vistas and beautiful shore sights before you reach Montague Township. If you’ve got roof rails, bring along your kayak or bikes for some outdoor recreation.

Let Land Rover Princeton Be Your Guide This Summer

If you’re looking for the best way to enjoy yourself in New Jersey, let the team at Land Rover Princeton help! Follow us for more to learn more about fun activities and the best restaurants in Princeton, and let our award-winning dealership help your next Land Rover SUV. Apply for financing directly through our website, and contact us online or call us at 844-339-6524 if you have any questions. And don’t forget to enjoy the open road!

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Fun Summer Activities in Princeton, NJ

Winter is finally gone, and a spring that was slow to start has finally paved the way for a beautiful summer—and Flemington and Bridgewater citizens are ready to head outside. Princeton, NJ offers a variety of excellent summer activities for you and your friends and family to take advantage of, from historical monuments and natural wonders to markets and premium shopping. Learn all about the top summer activities in Princeton here, and let Land Rover Princeton keep you up to speed!

Palmer Square

Always a fun spot to shop, Palmer Square really opens up in the summertime. In addition to premium clothing, jewelry, and home décor, you’ll also find high-end dining. And on hot summer nights, stop for a scoop of ice cream! You can also have brunch at Winberie’s, a Princeton favorite, on Sundays.

Terhune Orchards

A 200-acre family farm with dozens of different fruits and vegetables in production, Terhune Orchards is a great spot to bring the family and enjoy market favorites—including seasonal fruits and vegetables and bakery items—as well as gardens, trails, tours, and greenhouses.

Princeton Battlefield State Park

If you’re a history buff and you live near Princeton, NJ, then making the trip to Princeton Battlefield State Park is a must. In addition to being a beautiful natural site, it’s also the location where General George Washington defeated the British in battle for the first time. Mercer Oak, which has stood there in 1772, still stands tall.

Marquand Park

Psychologists say that just an hour surrounded by trees can do wonders for your mental health. Escape into nature right in Princeton at Marquand Park, which provides the public with 17 acres of sprawling natural landscapes, including an arboretum and various activities for the whole family to enjoy, like baseball fields, playgrounds, and dedicated picnic areas.

Find Out About More Local Highlights at Land Rover Princeton

Our award-winning dealership is here to help you make the most of your time in Princeton, NJ. Follow us to find out more about local events and attractions, and remember us when you’re in the market for a premium luxury SUV. Our dealership offers clients competitive APR financing, and if you have any questions you can get in touch with us at 844-339-6524.

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