When you pull up to the gas station in Princeton, you have the option between filling your car with regular and premium gas, but what is the difference between them? Most Land Rover owners should try to use premium gas in their vehicles so they can optimize their engine’s performance. In this guide Land Rover Princeton will explain the difference between premium and regular gas, and why Land Rover drivers should purchase premium gas at the pump.

What Is Regular Gas?

Regular, unleaded gasoline is what most drivers in South Brunswick purchase for their vehicles. It’s important to note that there is nothing wrong with fueling your car with regular gas, your car will run smoothly and its driveability won’t be compromised. The main difference between regular and premium gas is the octane levels. Regular gas has an octane level of 87 and is better for the environment than gas that contains lead.

What Is Premium Gas?

Premium gas has an octane level of 90, which makes it a more refined gasoline than unleaded gas. The more refined gasoline is, the less engine knocking will occur. Engine knocking happens when there is a misfire in the engine during combustion, creating a knocking sound. If Land Rover owners in Mount Laurel want their vehicle running at top performance, they should purchase premium gasoline while at the gas station.

Premium vs. Regular: The Difference

As mentioned above, the main difference between premium and regular gas is their octane levels. With a higher octane level, premium gasoline offers reduced engine knocking, improves combustion, and is better for the environment. The trade-off is the price. Premium gas is often 10 – 20 cents more a gallon than unleaded gasoline around Hopewell.

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