No matter which option fits you best, getting ready for the end of lease process is as simple as 1,2,3,4 !

1. What to do when your lease end date is approaching?

We will make your lease return as easy as possible. Simply give us a call and we will be happy to explain the lease end process and customize anything for your individual needs.

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2. Return your Lease vehicle to Land Rover Princeton

On or before the expiration date of your lease, come into our Land Rover dealership in Princeton NJ, located at 958 Route 206, to turn in your leased vehicle. You do not need to return your Land Rover leased vehicle to your original Land Rover dealer. You can return your Land Rover leased vehicle to any authorized Land Rover dealership as long as you have completed the necessary vehicle inspection prior to your expiration date. We will make sure that your return process is easy and smooth.

3. Do not forget that you still have four options at lease end

a) Turn-in your Land Rover and Purchase or Lease a New Vehicle.

Our Land Rover Dealership in Princeton, New Jersey will work with you applying all current available incentives to get you a great deal when you lease or purchase a new or Pre-Owned Land Rover model. In many cases, we can cover some of your payments or any lease end cost based on the individual situation. Please contact us to make an appointment.


b) Purchase Your Leased Land Rover

You can purchase your leased Land Rover at any time during your contract at the pre-determined buyback amount. If you purchase your vehicle prior to the lease end, you will be responsible for all remaining payments. You may also purchase your vehicle at the end of your lease period. When you purchase your leased Land Rover there is no need to have your vehicle inspected, and you will be not be responsible for any wear and use charges based on such inspection.


c) Return Your Leased Land Rover

Return your leased Land Rover to us, even if you decide not to lease or purchase a new Land Rover model. Simply stop by prior to your lease end date and we will be happy to assist with the return paperwork.

d) Sell your leased vehicle to us.

You may bring your vehicle to us and offer it for sale to our Pre-Owned Manager. In some cases we can purchase your leased Land Rover vehicle and you will be NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lease end obligations including disposition fee, any excess wear and tear charges etc. To discuss this option please set up an appointment with our Pre-Owned Manager.

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