In today’s automotive market, dealerships both brand-certified and independent from Hopewell are pretty much guaranteed to at least make an offer to buy your vehicle. Be it a trade-in toward a newer vehicle or just a straight-up sale, accepting a dealership’s offer to buy your vehicle is a great way to put some capital back into your pocket. Learn how to sell a car at a dealership with ease with our team at Land Rover Princeton. Remember to contact us with any questions you may have or to let us know you’re bringing in a vehicle to sell!

How Does Selling Your Car to a Dealership Work? 

Selling your car to a Mount Laurel-area dealership like Land Rover Princeton is a straightforward process! With that said, the following tips and notes should apply to whatever dealership you may decide to sell to:

  • Clean Up Your Car: Detailing or even just washing and vacuuming your vehicle before bringing it to sell is a great way to establish a good first impression. The argument can be made here that less restoration work will be needed, possibly warranting a higher offer from the dealership.
  • Write Down the Benefits Of Your Car: Do you have your vehicle’s repair history handy? Having this and other documents portraying the benefits of your vehicle helps secure a better offer from the dealership because they’ll have reassurance in the vehicle they’re purchasing. 
  • Have Your Car’s Title on Hand: Although it won’t boost your trade-in value, having your vehicle’s title on hand means that you’ll be able to provide it to the dealership faster, and therefore get the offer to buy more quickly. On the flip side, not having access to your vehicle’s title at all can be detrimental.
  • Research Your Car’s Value: You can use our handy Online Trade-In Value Tool to get a quick estimate of your trade-in’s worth. Having this number on hand helps set your expectations for what the dealership may offer, which can also be used as a bargaining chip between multiple dealerships’ potential offers. 
  • Pick Your Dealership Wisely: The expert team at Land Rover Princeton has experience with all makes and models of vehicles, not just Land Rover vehicles! Between that and our team of automotive experts, you should feel confident in choosing to work with us here at Land Rover Princeton!

Selling Your Car at a Dealership: What to Expect? 

After following the previous steps, it’s time to dive into the sales process itself! Here’s the gist of what to expect when you bring your vehicle to Land Rover Princeton:

  • Make an Appointment: It’s always smart to make an appointment so the dealership can ensure someone is available to work with you.
  • Used Car Manager: You’ll probably end up making the acquaintance of a Used Car Manager or Intake Manager, this person oversees the purchasing of new and used vehicles for the dealership and will facilitate your sale.
  • Inspection: The Used Car Manager or another staff member will quickly inspect the vehicle, sometimes relying on the expert help of our fully equipped Service Department.
  • Consider the Offer: Based on the offer the dealership has made, you can either accept that or seek a better offer from another dealership. Shopping around also applies to selling!

Benefits of Selling Your Car 

Selling your vehicle to a dealership like Land Rover Princeton comes with a few great benefits worth noting:

  • Save time and avoid the hassles/dangers of a private sale!
  • You can apply the balance to your new vehicle, saving you money!
  • You can even save on taxes when buying a new one after trading it in!

Sell Your Car to Land Rover Princeton!

Selling your vehicle or trading it in is a great way to either save on your next vehicle purchase or simply put some cash back into your pocket. Interested in selling a vehicle? Reach out to our Finance Team today!

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