Most new tires from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), as well as premium replacement tires, can last about 50,000 miles. Get all of the details about the life of a tire from the experts who know your vehicle inside and out – Land Rover Princeton. Contact our South Brunswick-area service center if you have any more questions or need to schedule a service appointment!

What Factors Affect Tire Life Expectancy?

The questions “how many miles do tires last” and “how many miles should tires last” often have different answers, due to several factors.

  • Type of tire: High-performance tires will have an extra grip, but they tend to wear faster than all-season tires that have less rolling resistance.
  • Treadwear rating: Your tires also come with a treadwear rating to rate the life expectancy of the tire treads.
  • Drivetrain: Tires wear differently on FWD, RWD, and AWD vehicles, because of where the main power for forward motion comes from.
  • Road conditions: If you do a lot of driving on gravel or dirt roads, or you encounter construction, snow, salt, rain, and ice, your tires will take more of a beating. Off-roading also makes a significant difference.
  • Terrain: If you live in an area with inclines on the roads, more friction on the tires is needed to start and stop the vehicle than on flat surfaces.
  • Driving habits: Having a lead foot on the gas and brakes will wear out your tires faster than accelerating gradually and letting coasting do some of the braking work.

Tire Care Tips For Long-Lasting Tires

While you always want to have safe driving habits, there are several things that you can do while on the roads in Mount Laurel to extend the life of their tires:

  1. Inspect for proper air pressure when you fill your gas tank, as many gas stations have tire inflation stations.
  2. Regularly inspect tire tread depth for tire tread wear.
  3. Rotate your tires for more even distribution of tire wear.
  4. Take your vehicle in for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Get Additional Tire Care Tips in Princeton!

Whether you’re interested in learning about the best off-roading tires for a Range Rover or you want to know how to jump start a car, the factory-trained technicians have you covered. Be sure to explore our parts and service specials to use on your next visit to our service center near Hopewell.

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