If you are shopping for a new vehicle with leather seats or you want to keep your current model’s leather interior in top shape for your South Brunswick drives, make your way to Land Rover Princeton. Learn about the best ways to care for your high-quality leather interior to keep it soft and luxurious, then contact your local authorized Land Rover retailer if you have any questions!

Leather Cleaning Products

Before purchasing leather cleaning supplies, always check your owner’s manual, as they may list recommended products that are safe to use, or specific types of products to avoid for your model’s seats.

  • Safe Cleaning Solutions to Use — Warm water with mild soap, special leather cleaner, saddle soap, or a solution of 1 part white vinegar/2 parts linseed oil solution in a spray bottle.
  • Cleaning cloths — You should use colorless soft rags or microfiber towels.
  • Brushes — You can use a soft-bristled brush (not a stiff carpet brush) to gently work dirt or stains out of the material, but you should always do a spot test on an inconspicuous section to make sure it doesn’t scratch the leather.
  • Products to avoid — Sharp objects that may scratch, household cleaner, dark cloths, detergents, furniture polish.

Tips on How to Clean Leather Car Seats

  1. To start, you’ll want to vacuum the crevices of your seats to remove any dust, dirt, or debris, while being careful not to scratch the upholstery.
  2. Once the debris has been removed, give the seats quick wipedown with a dry cloth to catch any additional dirt that might have been stirred up during the vacuuming.
  3. Apply a pH-neutral cleaning solution like the ones listed above to your cleaning cloth or soft-bristled brush and gently clean your seats.
  4. If you have perforated leather seats, avoid getting excess moisture into any perforations.
  5. Use a microfiber cloth and soft-bristled brush to gently clean the leather upholstery.
  6. After your seats are clean and fully dry, apply an approved leather conditioner to your seats, and gently work in using a clean microfiber cloth.
  7. Let the conditioner dry and then buff in with another clean microfiber cloth for an extra shine. Using leather conditioner will help keep your seats supple and avoid cracking.

Additional Leather Seat Care

  1. Keep a travel bottle of leather cleaning solution and clean microfiber cloths on hand in your vehicle. This will help you keep your seats clean of dust, spills and debris while on the go around Mount Laurel.
  2. If you have access to a garage, use that to store your vehicle as much as possible. Avoiding extreme temperatures can help preserve the life of your leather.
  3. When out running errands, be on the lookout for shaded parking spots. Parking in the shade can prevent sun bleaching and damage.

Learn More Car Care Tips at Land Rover Princeton

Regularly cleaning your leather seats will help them last longer and help with the resale value of the vehicle if you ever want to trade it in. Contact the service department at Land Rover Princeton near Hopewell, and we’ll be happy to provide recommendations for things like removing the smell of smoke from a car and any additional car care tips.

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